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Milli Major Ft. Deepee, Tion Wayne & Big Narstie - Madness (Single Mastering)
Drew Mula - Chemistry (Album Mixing/Mastering)
6T3 - Freestyle Maleducato (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Dale May - Two Tokes (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Cornelius Black - Facts (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Superstar Creepa Ft. YoungChap x Bailey Browne - Maya (Single Mastering)
Macks Ft. Headie One - 017 (Single Tracking/Mixing/Mastering)
Narxx - Fervour, A Collection Of Thoughts (Album Mixing)
Dot Rotten - 808s & Gunshots (Album Mastering)
KVNG Ft. Geovarn - Teardrops Remix (Single Mixing/Mastering)
KVNG - The Nightshift EP Remastered (Album Restoration/Mastering)
RoachE - Reminisce & Move EP (Album Mixing/Mastering)
KVNG - Broken (Album Mixing/Mastering)
Gorza - John Shelby (Production/Tracking/Mixing/Mastering)
Milli Major Ft. Jtee - Tapped (Single Mastering)
J. Tena - All In (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Dale May - Sick Of it (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Inch - Bill A Vibe (Album Mixing/Mastering)
Milli Major Ft. Prez T x Paper Pabs & Big H - Bloodline Hooligans (Single Mastering)
Trillary Banks - Vote 4 Trillary (Album Mixing/Mastering)
Cornelius Black - Slytherin Snakes (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Milli Major Ft. Tempa T - Ooo Na Na (Single Mastering)
KVNG - Wrong One (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Milli Major - Boom Bam (Single Mastering)
Milli Major - Rated Award (Single Mastering)
Cornelius Black - Wish You Would (Single Tracking/Mixing/Mastering)
Cornelius Black - Look Back (Single Tracking/Mixing/Mastering)
Zardee x Flamin Beatz - Whine (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Louise Moses - Reverence EP (Album Mixing)
Kacey Chambers - Camouflage (Single Mixing/Mastering)
Chiyah Ft. Smooth - Be Ok (Production/Tracking/Mixing/Mastering)
Trillary Banks Ft. Inch (Section) - Pepper & Spice
Dale May - Bigger Picture (Single Mixing/Master)
Trillary Banks - Come Over Mi Yard
Kid Bookie - Don't Blame Me (Single Mixing/Mastering)
C Boy - Like A Drum (Single Mastering)
Tempa T Ft. JME - Nothing Like That
Tempa T - Man Like T
Angel - PWI (Album)
Dot Rotten - Remember Me EP
Aaron Unknown
Izzie Gibbs - Yin Yang EP
Zeph Ellis - This Side Of Grime Vol.1
DJ Cameo - Black Heart EP
DJ Cameo - Just Cool Nah
Saskilla Ft. Wiley - Forever
Junction 13 Ft. Manny - Morning Rain (Defected)
Junction 13 - Stay United EP
Junction 13 Ft. SHRLT - Desire
Junction 13 - See Me Through
Junction 13 - Bassline
Brash Young Turks (Film) - OST
D Double E Ft. Havva - Empire (BYT Sound Track)
Complex - #GRIMETIMEWARP Vol.1
Ella Ferdinands - Chemistry
Trillary Banks - Swaggin'
Egypt - My Everything
Saskilla - Godson 1.5
Gunplay Ft. Rick Ross - Aigght (Remix)
Mils - Bollyhood EP
RoachE - Pressure Mixtape
J Kaz - Neva Dat
J Kaz - Good Good
Bailey Browne - Dawgz Dem
Mils Ft. Bushkin - Pum Pum (Remix)
Mils Ft. Bushkin - Pum Pum
Angel - Run This (Junction 13 Official Remix)